What you need to know about eating disorders

Eating disorders are often characterized by one developing an abnormal food attitude which makes one change their eating behavior and habits. This makes the person suffering from the disorder to focus more on their shape or weight which leads them to make unhealthy food choices which eventually cause a damage to their health. Here is all you need to know about eating disorders

 Anorexia nervosa

This is a type of disorder that makes one keep their weight to be on the low as possible. This may make one to start excessively starving themselves.


This type of disorder involves one binge eating then using the laxatives so that they control their weight.

Binge eating disorder

When one feels that they are compelled to eat too much food within a short time, then they are suffering from binge eating disorder.


Mostly, the cause of eating disorders is the social pressure that is one people that thin is beautiful. This makes many youths to feel they have to look in a certain way.
Other causes include having a family history where people have eating disorders, criticism because of one’s body, weight, and shape and also being over concerned with being thin especially when one is a model or a ballet dancer. Stressful situations, difficult relationships or some experiences such as emotional and sexual abuse.

Signs that one is having this disorder

The following are some of the things to look out for are; missing meals, complains of being fat when one is having a normal weight or even underweight, always weighing yourself and looking yourself in the mirror, cooking big meals and eating very little and making repeated claims that one has eaten yet they have not. One can also start eating some foods which have very low calories and refusing to eat in public places like restaurants.

Treatment of eating disorders

When one is having this disorder and they do not get treatment, it will affect them and those around them negatively. Their relationships with other people can get strained which may make them lose friends and family and important engagements like jobs. Treatment of these eating disorders is available but be prepared since recovery takes longer.


This will need one to help themselves out of this disorder. It involves using self-help manuals and books as well. This will also be done under the guidance of a therapist or a health professional.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

This is a type of therapy that mainly focuses on changing the way a person thinks about a certain situation which will eventually affect their actions.

Interpersonal psychotherapy

This is more of a therapy that focuses on relationship-based issues that lead to one having the either of the eating disorders.

Dietary counselling

This is a therapy that involves talking to a person to help them maintain a healthy diet. it involves both nutritional experts and physicians.


Cognitive analytic therapy

CAT mainly involves focusing on the person’s personality and their experiences in life and how they affect the way they think now, how they feel and even how they behave.

Medication is also available but mainly used to treat bulimia and binge eating.