Good Hygiene

The importance of good hygiene is highly emphasized right from a tender age up until adulthood of every person’s life. Studies show that individuals who observe these routines experience better lives than those who don’t. It is required that an adult understands what it is and why it should be observed at all times.

There are standard practices that are associated with acceptable hygienic standards. These include;

  • Taking at least a shower everyday
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Washing hands after visiting a toilet
  • Washing hands before preparing and eating food
  • Washing and wearing clean clothes
  • Covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing

Although these standard practices are obvious to most people, some really don’t understand why they are emphasized. Understanding the reasons why may help motivate them towards upholding these basic cleanliness requirements.

1. Social Acceptance

Everyone needs a friend or more in life. The better your social existence, the higher the quality of your life. Negative personal hygiene will only deem you as a misfit and push people further away from you. Neglecting your body and clothes in terms of cleanliness will give you an odor which will turn people away. It is advisable that you keep yourself clean so as not to repel the people around you. The use of a deodorant, antiperspirant or even cologne is highly encouraged.


2. Health Reasons

The world today is overcrowded, and diseases are spreading faster than they ever did before. It is highly urged by the government and health institutions that citizens observe utmost hygiene – even with those body parts that are not exposed. Keeping your body, clothes, and surroundings clean is already a preventative measure against the spread of diseases. It kills germs and reduces chances of infestation from pests such as lice, bed bugs, roaches, mice and rats in our homes. When it comes to your private parts, you will be able to avoid anal itching and other infections if you observe good hygiene.

Coughing while covering the mouth will help to stop the spread airborne diseases while drinking clean water and avoiding pollution will stop the spread of waterborne diseases.

3. Psychological Reasons

When you look good, you feel good. Bad hygiene lowers one’s self-esteem. A person that takes their time to groom themselves every morning stands a better chance of having a good day and even high self-esteem. They are not afraid of being among other people because they are confident that they smell and look good. On the other hand, someone who skipped a shower will be self-conscious as they know that body odor is definitely present. This instantaneously lowers their esteem and disturbs their peace of mind.


Hygienic standards are set high nowadays than they were before. Everyone yearns for a sense of belonging and this is heightened by the existence of social media. Everyone wants to belong and even more, outdo their peers by looking good. The only way to fit in with friends, family and colleagues is to observe cleanliness at all times.