Common Signs of Depression You Should Lookout For

Depression is world’s leading disability cause. The mental condition is serious and requires prompt attention. Neglecting it or even delaying its treatment means the worst for the victim.

eu78u7t8k35herRecovering from depression is a tedious process that calls for help and care from relatives and friends. This goes a long way to improving on the effectiveness of conventional medical treatment.  The first step towards treatment of depressions is understanding the various signs and symptoms of depression.

It could be a daunting task for you to learn of depression signs. However, there are common symptoms that will tell if one is suffering from the condition. Below are some of the commonly identified symptoms of depression:

1. Absenteeism from workplace

qe34iuegjknreh5eeth45eA depressed person will always find reasons to stay out of work. Calling in sick in a more frequent manner is the commonly known sign of depression. This is usually attributed to one’s reluctance to interact with others and run away from certain situations. The situation might go further to cause actual body aches due to continued depression. Office attendance is usually low in people who have depression. It also comes with inconsistencies in personal routines in the office.

2. Ending ties with family and friends

One of the major signs of depression is ending personal ties with close friends and family. It is a common problem that most depressed people avoid socializing. It often turns boring every activity the person enjoyed before. In most cases, the situation worsens due to this isolation. This further aggravates other related mental issues thus making it even worse for the depressed person.

3. Unexplained visits to the doctor

Depressed people often find imaginary problems and vague reasons to visit a doctor. This often stems from unknown fears that may cause unexplained pains and aches in the body. In such cases, the victims visit the doctor frequently for no good reason. This is a clear sign of deep troubles the person is going through. One needs to get proper mental treatment to get antidepressants that will control the situation for long term benefits.

4. Insomnia is one of the common signs of depression

Sleeping is a difficult situation for people in depression. Some stay in bed long hours but not asleep. Many turn in their beds with barely any reasonable sleep. This is nothing short of depression signs. You need to seek medical help as soon as this problem takes effect, and treatment should be the next thing here, lest you risk dire consequences of depression.

5. Loss of appetite

While in depression, most people tend to eat too little. Loss of appetite is common, and many have no interest in the foods they used to love. This could bring about weight loss and uncontrolled poor eating habits. This is a clear indication of depression and needs medical attention.