Anxiety is a common mental disorder, affecting millions of people worldwide. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety affects about 3.3 million American adults in a given year. Despite the vast sums of money being invested in fighting this mental condition, it remains a major health concern across the globe.

Effective unconventional ways of treating anxiety

The two common anxiety treatments are the cognitive behavioral therapy and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Anxiety disorder can be present in every person in a varying degree. Whereas severe anxiety calls for clinical interventions, the everyday anxiety and stress can be handle with lesser effort on the part of the victim. Here are some of the effective unconventional ways of treating stress and anxiety.

1. Reading books

7t28ewygijkhuy7Reading books is important in enriching the knowledge base and appeasing a distressed mind. It is the most nascent technique and panacea for many mental conditions. It is an effective way of keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Reading books can be inspiring, fun, engrossing and it tops up the reader with life.

2. Put on a smile

It may sound a weird way of coping with anxiety, but believe you it is a real method of facing stress and anxiety. Feigning a smile produces psychological as well as physiological benefits which help beat anxiety. When someone feigns a smile, it also signals the brain to be happy, and an individual feels joyous immediately.

3. Carrying out household chores

Performing household chores can be a tedious task, which is unpleasant. One really wonders how household chores can bring about anxiety relief. By doing few tasks at home can act as a remedy for anxiety. Jobs that entail repetitive motions such as ironing clothes and polishing shoes can take the mind off unpleased though and bring about relief from anxiety.

4. Having a pet

It is an effective way of getting relief from stress and anxiety.  Spending time with a pet dog lowers blood pressure and eases anxiety and depression.

Though it is devastating to suffer from anxiety, it should not be the end of life, as recovery from this disorder is possible. Successful anxiety treatment is a reality for those victims who seek help at the right time. If you or your loved one is suffering from anxiety, scout for an anxiety disorder treatments centers and get help on time. Some centers have emergency helpline numbers that you can get in touch with them for a quick response.